Develop complete system solutions with focus on eHealth, safety and telecom



Digitalization opens up new possibilities in eHealth to combine efficient processes with more patient-focused healthcare.

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Smart analyses of big data from connected devices give improved decision support for optimizing operations and finding new business opportunities.

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Mobile inspections with digital tools is an effective way to offer your safety solutions.

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Digitalizing processes

A dedicated effort focusing on reviewing current processes; questioning them, turning them inside-out, matching them against the roles of the various users and finally “stealing” (aka borrowing) best practices from other industries.

Tailor-made system solutions

Our brand promise, ‘Ideas come true’, is not an empty phrase but the result of turning wild entrepreneurial business ideas into sound commercial systems.  The same is true when rebuilding, or adding a completely new system to an established organization. Hardware and various kinds of radio interfaces are often part of the solution. 

Mobile applications

Mobile workers and a mobile working environment are key components when remodelling work processes, and for the younger Y and Z generations there is simply no such thing as “pre-mobility”. 

Internet of Things

IoT links smart objects to the Internet so that they can communicate with each other. The sheer number of objects being connected demands that the communication between them is handled effectively. The challenge then lies in integrating the flow of information with existing systems in a structured way, so that real benefits can be enjoyed.

Web development

Web based systems are the workhorses in digitalization. A web page is a good first step in transforming the traditional one-way communication window to a useful customer tool in a web development project. 


A captivating user experience includes a rewarding and intuitive user interface, for both customers and staff. UX/UI is also very helpful when users have difficulties in coping with new devices or ways of working, where UX/UI can make the classical phrase “How did we manage before?” come alive. 

Support & Hosting

An extensive support organization is an inherent part of Strikersoft’s solution where our designers take an active part in fault handling and corrections. Strikersoft also handles the day-to-day operation for many clients with dedicated servers in central hubs.

Technical terms

Do you feel a bit unsure about the latest technical jargon? Here is the answer.

5 things to consider when digitalizing your business




Dictation apps create more time for patients

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50% reduction of lead times for assessment consultants

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Remote care solution allows caregivers to assist patients at home 

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Telenor Satellite Broadcasting

Increased system availability through flexible business rules

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NDE Offshore

NDE Offshore

50% time savings with mobile processes

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From paper calendar to digital marketing platform

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Do you want to make your ideas come true?


Hand in Hand
March 17, 2016
15 new female businesses created

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Watch the eHealth seminar with Praktikertjänst and Strikersoft

Oct. 20, 2016

Did you miss the breakfast seminar "How do we involve the 'three Ps' - Patient, iPad and Personnel - in the change process?" held by Strikersoft and Praktikertjänst on 20 October? Watch it here.

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Exchange of experience with US on quality measures in healthcare

Sept. 16, 2016

Fredrik Eriksson, Senior Medical Advisor at Strikersoft, took part in a delegation from Uppsala County Council to Intermountain Healthcare in the US, 7–9 September 2016,

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Welcome Sara!

Sept. 8, 2016

Sara Rehnström has joined Strikersoft's marketing team.

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"Critical mass needed for change" - Reflections from Almedalen

July 6, 2016

See Elisabeth Norén's reflections from Almedalen.

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"The patient's knowledge is needed" - Reflections from Almedalen

July 5, 2016

See Robert Kristiansson's reflections from Almedalen.

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Five steps to minimizing unwanted variations in healthcare with eHealth solutions

May 25, 2016

Fredrik Wångberg, CEO of Strikersoft and Fredrik Eriksson, CEO of the healthcare center Vårdhuset have a shared interest in and passion...

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Turnaround improved by 50% for Tetra Consulting

May 3, 2016

- The business of consultancy and assessment in areas such as fire safety, health safety and water hygiene is a very dynamic one, says Peter Moore, Managing Director of Tetra Consulting, UK. It demands modern and...

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Praktikertjänst improves patient care with smart technology

March 30, 2016

When Praktikertjänst N.Ä.R.A. in Täby chose to start up a new team for advanced medical care in the home, Elisabeth Norén, today’s head of Geriatrics, was one of the initiators. She explains: - The goal was to create the ...

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